NOAA Rotational Assignment Program

The Call for NRAP Assignments is now open!

Need help on a project? Want to broaden and deepen your pool of talent? Have an open position to fill until the official hire? Submit an NRAP assignment!

The NOAA Rotational Assignment Program (NRAP) is a NOAA-wide employee development initiative that offers employees the opportunity to compete for short-term rotational assignments in programs across all NOAA Line and Staff Offices. The participant’s home office continues to pay salary and benefits, while you expand their skills via hands-on experience and training. NRAP also builds cross-program or cross-office ties.

To access NOAA’s widely scattered pool of talent, please consider whether your assignment could be filled remotely. Technology (such as video conferencing, webcams, cloud computing, VPN client, etc.) connects you to non-local candidates who can work from their current locations and meet your programmatic needs.

Program managers have until COB Thursday, June 2 , to upload NRAP Assignments via the online form Use the Word version to draft your assignment first; it’s easier to count characters in Word than in the online form.

Once your draft assignment is ready, sign in to to complete the online form. All assignments must be submitted using this online tool by close of business Thursday, June 2.

Major steps after this Call for Assignments phase are:

  • Approval — your Line or Staff Office leadership must approve your proposed assignment before it is posted to receive applications
  • Call for Applications — potential applicants may apply for up to three opportunities.
  • Review — you will receive applications for your assignment for review and consideration.
  • Interviews — you may interview the applicants before rating and ranking them.
  • Selection — you must email your preferences to the NRAP program manager, who manages final selection.
  • Offers — applicants may apply to multiple assignments, and may be selected for more than one. They may choose one, or participate in them all.
  • Assignments — usually 3–6 months long, up to a year, begin on the date negotiated between Participants and Supervisors (both Home and Host Office)


Learn more about NRAP: