NOAA Rotational Assignment Program

Apply now for your NRAP Assignment!  

Despite tight budgets for training and travel, you can increase your skillset and increase your value to your current program via the NOAA Rotational Assignment Program (NRAP).

This NOAA-wide initiative offers you the opportunity to compete for short-term rotational assignments in programs across all NOAA Line and Staff Offices.

This year, managers have identified some assignments that may be worked remotely -- that is, from your current location using technology (such as video conferencing, webcams, gotomeeting, VPN client, etc.). This will allow you to work from your current location.

Participants may negotiate their NRAP schedule too. Perhaps you will work the assignments 4 days a week, and devote 1 day to your current job, or some other agreement that satisfies all. This may help your supervisor approve your participation because your major duties will be covered.

Application deadline is

COB, Wednesday, October 21, 2015.

The NRAP application/selection process steps are:

1. Review assignments - search the online list of opportunities for an assignment that will increase your skill set. You may apply for up to three assignments.

2. Pre-approval - discuss participating in NRAP with your Home Office supervisor to ensure you can be released from your job. The Productivity Transfer Worksheet is useful to plan how our workload would be handled.

3. Draft your application - use the Draft NRAP Application Form to craft your application before applying online. Some sections limit the number of characters.

4. Apply - complete the Online Application Form.

5. Approval - your Home Office supervisor emails his or her approval for your participation in NRAP.

6. Review - the NRAP Program Manager sends approved applications to the assignment's Host Office Supervisor.

7. Interviews - Host Office Supervisors may interview you before indicating their preferred candidate(s).

8. Matches - the NRAP Program Manager will send you the results, if you are matched to an assignment or not. You may receive more than one offer (if you apply to multiple assignments) or none (if you are not selected).

9. Assignments - begin as negotiated between you and your Home and Host Office Supervisors, and may last up to 1 year.


Learn more about NRAP: